We offer you an 8- 9 hours of service.

We won’t be on a hurry to get on time to the reefs and we won’t be creating pressure for you to move on to another place of the area. Practically you have the boat and service rental for the whole day (check our restrictions). We include ceviche, sandwiches and drinks without alcohol.  This boat has a toilet facility.

On the way we will look for something to have fun like other animals to watch such as:

  • Different species of whales  ( 60% chance to watch from Dec- Feb)
  • Marine turtles (90 % chance to watch and swim from Dec-Feb)
  • Jumping manta rays ( 50 % chance to watch whole year)
  • Marine birds ( Blue footed boobies December)
  • Many reef and pelagic fish


Includes: drinks, lunch, snorkel gear and guide.

Doesn’t includes: alcoholic drinks (although we have big cooler with ice if you want to bring).


        $ 500.00 USD from 1 to 5 persons.

        $ 75.00 USD more for each person until 15 persons on the boat.