To different parts near La Paz. ¨scientific expedition¨

Baja is a wonderful place for bird watching. Nice hikes in the dessert makes a wonderful activity united with bird watching.  We offer you different places to go to bird watch according to your schedule and how far do you want to hike. Remember that you are in the dessert and sometimes it is very hot (over 100 °F ) We recommend you to think about the hours in the sun that you are spending hiking and  to bring as much sun protection you can.


Xantus’s Hummingbird           Geothypis beldingi

You will be guided by ornithologist from UABCS (Marine institute) and they will explain and help you to find as much birds as we can (some endemic species if we get lucky). When you come to this activity, you are also supporting marine biology students that work as guides by donating 5% of the total cost of the trip. This will help them achieve their academic goals.

Lagunas de Oxidación:  15 minutes away driving from Malecon from La Paz, we find 5 hectares of land that once they were used for sour treatment. Now they are not and they still have a lot of water that provides food rich in nutrients to birds. This habitat is very important due that many species use this place to perform their migrations.  The listing of birds in this place is 201 species of birds.  This place is very abundant for plants.

       $ 50.00 USD per person (minimum 2 persons). The price includes transportation and ornithologist guide.


Presa de la Buena Mujer: 30 minutes away driving from Malecon. This place is a beautiful water spring in the desert. If you look for the highest mountains while you are in La Paz, this tour will take you there.  83 Species of bird registered.

       $ 65.00 USD per Person. (Minimum 2 persons) The price includes transportation and an ornithologist guide.



Todos Santos: Pueblo mágico from Todos Santos, 50 miles away from La Paz and 55 miles away from Cabo San Lucas, an Oasis has allow humans to farm fruit and vegetables in Baja California (mango, papaya and avocado). This place has a lot of water providing plants like palms to grow in big numbers. The listing of birds of this place counts 149 species in which you can find the endemics that are:

Xantus hummingbird:    (Hylocharis Xantusii)

Gray Thrasher:                (Toxostoma cincereum)

Belding´s Yellowthroat: (Geothypis beldingi)

    $ 90.00 USD per person:  (minimum 4 persons)