We are a sustainable tour operator company, we understand nature and because of that, we want to share with you how lucky we are to have this environments in Baja. We belive that to appreciate and understand nature it is important to see how complex ecosystems are. Our world has so much beauty to show us, but because of actual fast way of living we don’t take time to connect with nature.
Our expeditions create healthy interaction between humans and nature doing it with consciousness over the environment. By creating more environment conscious persons we believe we are making a better world, you have to appreciate it to protect it

Why choosing us?

We are enthusiastic young and educated persons with a background of biology studies that will try to consider you as our friend.  You are not our client, you are our guest. We offer a variety of ground and sea activities, but if you have any other petition, we can customize your trip according to your necessities. We like to share our knowledge and show you how beautiful Baja California’s environments are.

All of our guides are emergency first responders and very good at dealing with common emergencies in the dessert and sea. In each trip we have a first aid complete pack in case an emergency.


When you come with us you support:

– Conservation programs; we work with scientist who are involved with preserving the environment.

– Science, because in our scientific tours we collect data that helps the environmental authorities taking correct decisions. Our scientific tours are advertised as ¨scientific expedition¨ on our menu of activities.

– Nonprofit organizations who are doing any good for the environment, for society or education.